Milenzo Corporation

What we would like you to know!

So you want to be a food truck owner, Great! You have found the right company. We can get you all set up for a successful future. There are a few points that we have learnt in our experience that we want to share with our customers to ensure they have the best experience.

Before you invest in a food truck

All Food trucks are not created equal. Make sure you do your "due diligence" before you give a deposit. We, at Milenzo Corporation, have spent a lot of time fixing other people's short cuts and poor quality jobs. This is not fair for you the consumer and will end up costing you money, in the end!

As a starting point, a quality manufacturer will have a lot of knowledge and experience and should give you a good idea as to what you need. More importantly, take the time to speak to other food truck owners: ask who did their trucks? and what was good and bad during there experience in buying? Were there deadlines met? any issues with the truck, did they stand behind their work? The best way to get what you want is to educate yourself and other owners are one of the best sources of information. Owning a food truck is a big investment and the level of service you receive, and of course the quality of vehicle you get, should reflect that.


All jobs are unique and all clients want something a little different. It is difficult to compare one quote against the other over the phone or by looking on a website. Workmanship, product quality and hidden add-ons must be factored into any price. The old adage of "spend wisely now or pay for it later" still holds true in many cases. Unfortunately in this industry, people are both paying now and paying later because some take advantage of their clients lack of awareness and understanding of what one should expect in a food truck or concession trailer. In order to not mislead our clients we do not post arbitrary pricing. We prefer to speak for a few minutes to get a handle on how best to serve you, the client. Please don't hesitate to call so we can discuss your food truck and give you the most accurate pricing possible. We also offer financing oac.

There are good manufacturers out there, and Milenzo Corporation is one of them. Make sure you think of us for all your mobile food selling and marketing needs